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has a collection of funky, cool and sexy beats based copyright free background music tracks and breaks. Use these tracks to stand out or add in that killer groove to bring your productions to life. Our copyright free background music tracks are available to license and download royalty free.

Does Twist Rate Make a Difference in Velocity?
Yes. Our tests show that, with the 80-90gr bullets, a 1:10 or 1:12 barrel will give you as much as 80fps more velocity than a 1:8 barrel, shooting the exact same loads. Fast twist (1:8) barrels have more drag and friction, which can slow the bullet down. Ideally you want to use the slowest twist rate possible that will stabilize the bullet you choose to shoot. For a dedicated “point-blank” 100/200 yard Benchrest gun, you want a twist rate from 1:13 to 1:15. But if you want to shoot both light (60-80gr) and heavy (100gr+) bullets, stick with a 1:8.

Owners of the physical Digipak album get two bonus tracks. Led by Habegger’s whipping beats and staged by rock-hard riffing, the propelling swing of “WALK ON” definitely doesn’t miss out on anything. The axe is swung in “Dail Hard” manner on “CUSTOMIZED LOVIN’”– including subtle Hammond sounds, harmonizing intelligently with the hellish track’s wild habitus. A worthy closer for a versatile, innovative, and yet tradition-bound album, which suggests precious metal even before the release. It’s official: Friday the 13 th of the next year will be a lucky day for rock ’n’ roll. Go find your little black dress and ask somebody to remind you how to tie a tie – we’re dressing up for 2017, because there’s a quarter of a century of GOTTHARD to celebrate, and Nic Maeder, Leo Leoni, Marc Lynn, Hena Habegger, and Freddy Scherer will be live on tour with “SILVER” from February on!

Jon Speedy (guitar/MD) 
Ian Bailey (alto sax) 
Tom White (trombone) 
Paul Silver (baritone sax) 
Carl Hudson (keyboards)
Matteo Grassi (bass)
Alessio Barelli (drums) 

Since the steel is stretched and thin, any scratch will expand and often crack. Usually, drums have lettering embossed into the bottom. If done carefully, these can sometimes be stretched without breaking, but cracks around lettering on some drums is common. [ citation needed ] To avoid this problem, makers position the inner notes to avoid most of the letters. Brazing over the holes and grinding, will often fix the problems, without damaging the sound, but it has to be done nearly at the end of the sinking process and well before any final shaping. [ citation needed ]

Roland's D2 Groovebox is a compact, performance-oriented Groovebox (sequencer/sound module)--sort of a smaller MC-505--designed entirely around Roland's D-Field ...

From the beginning, Beta Monkey built its reputation on delivering powerful, versatile and, above all, usable drum loops to artists the world over. From rock and metal to fusion and jazz, musicians and songwriters know what Beta Monkey drum tracks can do for their music.

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