Transformer man dirty girlz / scarlet lover

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These two wires (the white wires in Photo 3 ) connect to the 47k and 68k bias resistors in the phase inverter. I prefer 220k resistors for both of these because they open up the phase inverter a bit, but stick with the original values if you want stock. Now, adjust this control according to the simple instructions from the Fender AB-165 schematic: “When installing new 6L6s, reset hum balance for min hum.”

You see, Chinese people are finally adjusting to having money and wealth after the Communist party let the slightest bit of capitalism in. Normally, poor chinese people would walk and ride motorbikes, but these are advanced Chinese. The are able to afford cars, and because of that these dicks believe they are the highest caste of modern day society. Therefore, they think they have the right of way in every situation. After all, the dirty plebians are meant to get out of nobility’s way. This is why cars move without looking, and dash out of side roads without looking both ways. Hell, Chinese automakers are starting to remove the turn signals all together to save on costs.

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Transformer Man Dirty Girlz / Scarlet LoverTransformer Man Dirty Girlz / Scarlet LoverTransformer Man Dirty Girlz / Scarlet LoverTransformer Man Dirty Girlz / Scarlet Lover