Various - australian dance music sampler october 1997

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Fr Peter Carrucan  | 02 Nov 2017 Whether they’re in detention, or living in the community waiting to hear if they’re to be allowed to stay in Australia, freedom remains an elusive dream for many refugees.

After reviewing a mystery headstone at Norfolk Island cemetery for many years, with additional photography taken by Woodman Photography during the Norfolk Island History Lovers tour, the headstone has now been identified to be that of First Fleeter William Francis, Convict Alexander 1788.

Almost one Australian in four was born elsewhere. [ when? ] In 1981, around 50 percent of immigrants were from Europe, and percent were from Asia. [46] In 1998 about 40 percent of all immigrants to Australia had been born in Asia. [47] People from the United Kingdom remain the largest group amongst those born overseas. [48] In 2001 were 51 percent from Europe, 29 percent from Asia, 11 percent from Oceania, and 4 percent came from the Americas. [49] In 1996, over 8 million Australians had at least three ancestries, and over 3 million had four or more. [50]

Asian chickens could soon be getting a higher proportion of delicious and nutritious Australian barley as part of their diets. AEGIC CEO Richard Simonaitis said newly-developed technical information…

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The boys will be apprenticed to farmers for not less than one year, nor more than three years under agreement

Face the Facts provides accurate and easy to understand information on some of the key areas of the Commission’s work. The new series offers short and easy to use fact-sheets, with useful links and engaging infographics for each topic.

Various - Australian Dance Music Sampler October 1997Various - Australian Dance Music Sampler October 1997Various - Australian Dance Music Sampler October 1997Various - Australian Dance Music Sampler October 1997