Goodie mob - the dip / what it ain't

In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars , a basic Mushroom can be accumulated in the inventory and recovers 30 HP for one party member. This Mushroom has a red and white cap with an orange stem and no face. However, Mushrooms that have faces are found in Treasure Boxes , and they automatically recover all HP and FP for Mario's entire party once uncovered. Most of these Treasure Boxes restock once the area is entered again. Other types of Mushrooms exist, including two other increasingly expensive kinds used for basic recovery. The Mid Mushroom recovers 80 HP to one party member, and they have a green cap rather than a red one. The Max Mushroom is able to recover all HP to one party member and has a yellow cap. In the Japanese version, the Mid Mushroom and Max Mushroom are respectively known as Super Mushroom and Ultra Mushroom, which would become the terminology used in future RPGs.

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Though the seniors showed medal potential for the world championships, it was the junior gymnasts who were the most impressive of the competitors at the Classic. Several of the top juniors in the country were chosen to compete in primetime alongside the seniors and they frequently outperformed them. In fact, Emma Malabuyo, the winner of the junior competition, actually posted the highest all-around score of the whole meet. Malabuyo, who is just 14, scored a , which was almost two full points ahead of senior champion, Alyona Shchennikova. Maile O’Keefe, the current junior national champion, placed second behind Malabuyo with a score that was just two tenths off the senior champion.

In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars , Mario's first and weakest weapon is called the Hammer. After Mario beat the Hammer Bros. blocking the exit of Mushroom Way , Mario receives a Hammer apparently dropped by them with the Hammer Bros. insignia on it. The plumber uses this weapon to pound enemies, at least until he finds the NokNok Shell . When equipped, the weapon adds ten attack points to Mario's attack rating. When Mario uses it with the Timed Hit , he swings it up and down twice, similar to the old style. Later on in the game, he finds more advanced Hammers: the Super Hammer , Masher and the Ultra Hammer , along with another Hammer with an added effect.

Goodie Mob - The Dip / What It Ain'tGoodie Mob - The Dip / What It Ain'tGoodie Mob - The Dip / What It Ain'tGoodie Mob - The Dip / What It Ain't