Dennis ferrer son of raw

This is chronological list of action films released in the 1980s. Often there may be considerable overlap particularly between action and other genres (including horror , comedy , and science fiction films ); the list should attempt to document films which are more closely related to action, even if they bend genres.

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If you're into house music, chances are you will have heard 'Son Of Raw' by the don, Dennis Ferrer. It's a seminal track that features sumptuous pianos, rolling percussion and timeless vocals that simply ooze seduction. Basically, it's a fucking classic. What's most shocking about the track is that it's now 10-years-old and even though Ferrer was producing long before that, it's one of his best and most recognisable tracks. To celebrate the anniversary, Ferrer's label Objektivity will release a brand new set of remixes that each put a unique spin on the original stomper. André Hommen's remix keeps the main melodies intact but adds a bassline that doesn't mess around. It adds an extra element of bounce and once the second half of the track hits, those sultry vocals come charging in, sending goosebumps up any real house music fan's spine.

"I felt that, after extensive tests, that he could be just right because of his lack of experience", said director Douglas Sirk. "He was fresh, young, good looking, not pretty though, earnest – and had this little dilettante quality I figured would be quite the thing for the lead in this picture." [9]

Note: many in the list below could actually be Colt Mark IV Series 70/80 Government Models, Springfield Armory, or another manufacturer, instead of a former military issued M1911A1, unless it is a war film. Since the markings of the gun aren't always clear, M1911A1 is a catch-all term. Being most 1911 manufacturers pistols are based off the M1911A1 platform.

Reblok – Come On
Waze & Odyssey – Down With Tha (Edible)
Prok & Fitch ft Dajae – Minder (Relief)
KIKDRM – Jacked

The Hot Release
Mario Ochoa – Valencia
Mark Knight, Green Velvet & Rene Amesz – Live Stream (Toolroom)
Cristoph – Make Out
The New Sins – Lights Down (Franky Rizardo Remix)

The Spotlight
ZDS & Kid Enigma – Picture Perfect (Play It Down)
Caal & Baum – This Story (Raffa FL Remix) (Baumhouse)
Daniel Steinberg – Bailando (Dick Johnson Re-Edit) (Play It Down)
Little By Little – Keep On Dancing (Wired)

The Flashback
Express 2 ft David Byrne – Lazy (Skint)
Detlef – Pump Up (Repopulate Mars)
Nathan Barato – Stomp Change (Hot Creations)
Christian Nielsen – Last Night (Play It Down)

The Release Yourself Guest Mix with Saliva Commandos
Saliva Commandos – Knapp your hands (IN:COMMAND RECORDS)
Saliva Commandos - Space in-between (IN:COMMAND RECORDS)
DJ Clock - Unnion Dance (Sheer Sound)
Whitesquare - Abduction (DFTD)
Memoryman & Rogue D - Release Me (DFTD)
Saliva Commandos - Brooklyn Till I Die (Promo)
Trikk - Warriors Dance Dub (Inversions)
Saliva Commandos - Afro Blood Bang (Double Cheese Records)

Dennis Ferrer Son Of RawDennis Ferrer Son Of RawDennis Ferrer Son Of RawDennis Ferrer Son Of Raw