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The Aquarian Christine Church Universal, Inc. (ACCU) is a denomination founded on the teachings found in The Aquarian Gospel and other writings by Levi H. Dowling. These include Self-culture and Biopneuma: The Science of the Holy Breath. The church also incorporates other New Age teachings. It is similar to the "I AM" movement and the Ascended Master Teachings .

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I first became aware of Ken-san's Acoustic Revive products in 2007 when they were recommended to me by Yoshi Hontani (The MuSon Project, Osaka, Japan), who exports hi-fi exotica from the Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company , the Spec Corporation , fo. Q , Audio Replas , KRYNA , SFORZAT, Murasakino Ltd , and of course, the subject of this article, Acoustic Revive .

You know what some of these people who comment are jokes. They find a bad product or glitch in writing then state that they are scams, without even trying items or reviewing real research. By no means do I endorse any one item, but because one manufacturer or jar of tomato sauce or any other product taste bad I can’t say that all tomato sauce is horrible. Come on give me a break. Technology is great and weather believed or not it does make advancements. Case and point; I went to North Carolina, to Gracie’s Hope, a great organization sponsored by the Independance Fund. An incredible organization that helps us war Veterans who suffer from a number of issues from, . to Phantom Pains from a loss limb, in conjunction with ARP Wave Therapy and Neurological Retraining, and I read a number of comments about some of these therapies. Usually by people who have not tried one of these types of therapy saying how it was a hoax or they had a bad experience somewhere, so they talk bad about it all and everyone providing these therapies. Well since participating in 39 treatment, I am a changed man along with a lot of others who where there some not Veterans but suffering from a number of issues. I saw amazing things happen while there. Most of us struggled with life and a lot of us had guns in our mouth not wanting to go on anymore from the nightmares to the memories, to . And brain damage. I’m so glad I didn’t buy into some of these people negative opinions made out of thin hot air. So a word to the wise. Don’t buy into some of these opinions with zero reasons for them opening their foolish mouths. Because change does happen and things do change and make advancements. God did not make us to be idiots. He created us with beautiful minds. And with them we have made great advancements. Don’t get me wrong not everything out their is without scams. But base your opinions with some true knowledge. Not just negative people who have nothing better than to try and reason with no information. You may surprise yourself. Have some faith in your fellow man and women, some of us really care about each other. Tim Ramos, Prescott, Az.

Vibration Gospel Sounds Mzambarauni - TuplipendanaVibration Gospel Sounds Mzambarauni - TuplipendanaVibration Gospel Sounds Mzambarauni - TuplipendanaVibration Gospel Sounds Mzambarauni - Tuplipendana