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Alarmed by the destruction of Chicago, the leaders of America's European allies promised to aid the US if the Soviet nuclear silos in Poland are removed. Soon, an Allied strike team consisting of Agent Tanya and several spies infiltrated the Soviet launch base and destroyed the silos, allowing the European nations to join the fight against the Soviets.

Within the transport, Swindle begins heading through the transport, aiming to take out the anti-aircraft defenses so the other Combaticons can come over in their drop ship. He blows a hole in an exterior wall and starts making his way along the side of the transport. Starscream announces he's calling off the assault, but is corrected by Onslaught, who still believes they can pull it off. Swindle finds the anti-aircraft cannons can be destroyed by simply shooting the shells being fed into them, so he does that, then moves around to the other side of the ship. Unfortunately the Autobots are wise to what the Decepticons are doing and destroy the controls for the shell feed shields so Swindle can't deactivate them. Onslaught brings the drop ship around, and Swindle hops on. Once he uses the top turret to destroy the last gun emplacement, the Combaticons merge into Bruticus and start breaking things. He smashes through the transports turbine and break into the control room where the Combaticons split and make swift work of the Autobots. Unfortunately though they have the transport in their control, it's badly damaged and going down, and they can do little more than try to control its course as it crashes. Starscream's unimpressed that they managed to destroy half the energon supply in the crash, and when Onslaught talks back, pointing that the Autobots would have gotten all of it if they did nothing and everything going wrong was a result of Starscream's incompetence, Starscream orders the Combaticons arrested.

Wind Archer 1st Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed except Breeze Arrow.
1. Breeze Arrow (1)
2. Wind Walk (MAX)
3. Whispers of the Wind (MAX)
4. Breeze Arrow (19/20)
5. Storm Elemental (MAX)

 · Art by Blazbaros Commissioned by Andres You are almost inhumanly tall, towering over just about everyone at eight feet in height after …

Regulus assured Kelbor-Hal that the Warmaster pledged to return the Martian Empire to its former glory, and furthermore, he swore to withdraw any non-Mechanicus forces from all of the Forge Worlds after the Emperor had been overthrown. To allay the Fabricator-General's misgivings, the Warmaster promised to provide the Mechanicus the lost secrets of ancient Standard Template Construct (STC) technology that had been recovered from the worlds of the recently subjugated Auretian Technocracy by the Warmaster's Sons of Horus Legion . The Fabricator-General was impressed with the Warmaster's gift, and admitted that it was a valuable STC database, but he wanted more. Regulus had anticipated this demand, and told Kelbor-Hal that the Warmaster promised to lift all restrictions on research into those technologies like Abominable Intelligence (.) that the Emperor had declared forbidden. To cement the alliance between the Mechanicus and the Warmaster and display the Traitors' seriousness about their cause, Horus had provided Regulus with the protocols required to unlock the infamous Vaults of Moravec .

Slaves are distributed around your empire's provinces. The more a province has, the more gold its settlements will produce, but if you have too many, public order will suffer. Dark Elf settlements have some buildings that raise a province's slave capacity, increase their slaves' gold output, and decrease slaves' rate of decline (nicer dungeons, I guess). You can manage slave populations in a new menu, giving provinces high, low, or normal priority as destinations for new captives.

Vortex Mechanic - After UsVortex Mechanic - After UsVortex Mechanic - After UsVortex Mechanic - After Us