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Good to know you run the Yankees. Got any other insider info you can pass along so the rest of us can tailor our trade proposals?

An article last Wednesday about Cody Bellinger’s performance for the Los Angeles Dodgers during the postseason misstated the hand on which Bellinger wears his mitt. It is his right, not his left.

Elsewhere on the Stanton front, there were conflicting reports Tuesday regarding Stanton's preferences for potential trade destinations. The Boston Herald cited a source that said Stanton -- who has a full no-trade clause in his contract and is a native of Southern California -- would not accept a deal to either the Red Sox or Cardinals. NBC Sports Boston reported that Stanton has "a completely open mind" on the issue, citing "a person with knowledge of Stanton's thinking."

 · The Dodgers ’ Cody Bellinger falling into his team’s dugout after catching a foul pop in a playoff game against Arizona on Monday. The Dodgers swept the ...

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