Meat shits - let there be shit

These shuttles are an important piece of space history and it would be great to see them get better treatment. The Buran programme was Russia’s reusable spacecraft plan that was hobbled by the collapse of the Soviet Union. Only one unmanned mission flew during the program and the orbiter was later crushed in a hanger collapse. The program was indefinitely suspended in 1993 and one test vehicle in great condition resides at the Technik Museum Speyer .

Interview by Dale Roy with Robert Deathrage of the Meatshits 2001 … The ... As for Leyla having any problems with the MEAT SHITS image I will let ... Let There Be ...

At my two neighborhood sushi places, "white tuna" has replaced flounder and other white fish on the sushi special plates. I didn't like the taste or texture and, therefore, googled "white tuna" to see what they were pawning off on us. Since it's the luncheon bargain special, I can't believe they're giving us the best of the best. Any idea what other opaque,white, firm textured fish can be labeled "white tuna?"

It's literally nothing more or less than a switch your body uses to crank up the old endorphin engine , in order to administer to you a moderate dose of the brain's very own feel-good drug. The trigger lies in the actual, physical movements our body makes when we laugh -- namely, the "Ha, ha, ha" or "Hardee har har" or "Hoo hoo hee hee snort/fart."

Human bites fall into two categories: occlusive bites (when the bite force pressure is enough to break the skin) and clenched-fist bites. And since I have a better anecdote to go with the latter type, that’s the one we’re going with today.

Meat Shits - Let There Be ShitMeat Shits - Let There Be ShitMeat Shits - Let There Be ShitMeat Shits - Let There Be Shit