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Blues songs from this period, such as Leadbelly's or Henry Thomas's recordings, show many different structures. The twelve, eight, or sixteen-bar structure based on tonic, subdominant and dominant chords became the most common forms. [12] What is now recognizable as the standard 12-bar blues form is documented from oral history and sheet music appearing in African American communities throughout the region along the lower Mississippi River, in Memphis, Tennessee's Beale Street, and by white bands in New Orleans.

"Cherokee Mist"
A promising June '70 exploration with Cox and Mitchell. It incorporates passages that were later worked into " In From The Storm ".

I've said this before: in the real estate world, the three most important things are location, location, location; in the world of concert performance, they are programming, programming, programming...   Continue Reading

Brian Auger Auger RhythmsBrian Auger Auger RhythmsBrian Auger Auger RhythmsBrian Auger Auger Rhythms