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I cannot speak highly enough about our fishing captain Darko Perkovic. He took my son and me out fishing near Solta this July (2017) and we had a field day. We were told that due to the hot weather, the fish just weren't biting. Well, Darko found a cool hole, evidently, because we pulled in well north of fifty different specimens in a four hour period. They weren't giant specimens, but my son had a blast and we were busy the entire time reeling in fish. Darko was born in Canada so he speaks colloquial English (and...

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Please use your mouse to select the dates you wish to book. Drag the mouse from your arrival date to the date of your last night of requested stay. The "Book Now" button will activate if your dates meet minimum night and / or arrival and departure day rules for this property.

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Villa Selina is a gorgeous, very spacious home in a quiet neighborhood in Cape Coral. Various shopping and dining opportunities are in close proximity.

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Faire attention de ne jamais approcher de pétrole des cartouches. Il pénètre dans les douilles, imprègne la bande et provoque des longs feux. Le retard peut atteindre 1/20 e de seconde et même davantage 1/10 car les balles viennent frapper les deux pales de l’hélice à travers laquelle tire la mitrailleuse. Même avec le moteur au ralenti

As for our Vegan Cupcakes, we now give you a daily choise of minimum 2-3 flavors. So more Yummies for all our Vegan & Non Vegan Friends. 

Various Dank Euch Ihr SowjetsoldatenVarious Dank Euch Ihr SowjetsoldatenVarious Dank Euch Ihr SowjetsoldatenVarious Dank Euch Ihr Sowjetsoldaten